Course launches April 15, 2021

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Who do I sell to?

    • Does broadening your client base make sense?

    • How can I test demand for my product or service amongst different targeted audiences?

    • How do I identify my ideal client? And why do I need to?

    • Where do I find my clients?

  • 2

    How do my customers make their buying decisions?

    • The psychology behind buying

    • Influencers in buying decisions

    • Persuasive content

    • Are there times during the year that prompt more or less sales?

  • 3

    How do I target customers and their influencers?

    • The lowdown on advertising

    • Public relations

    • Influencer marketing

    • Digital marketing

    • Community Engagement and Philanthropy

    • Direct Mail

    • Out of home advertising

    • Signage, product displays, trade shows

    • Mail stuffers, billboards, posters and more

    • Networking

    • Referral Programs

    • Content marketing

    • Merchandise

  • 4

    How do I reach my prospective clients and their influencers?

    • What is my marketing budget?

    • What will my marketing mix be?

    • The plan to attract my targeted customers

    • What tactics will I use, and when?

    • What and when are my campaigns?

    • Do I need staff or consultants to execute my marketing plan?

  • 5

    How do I build my sales funnel and keep it filled?

    • What does my sales funnel look like?

    • Map your sales funnel

    • How do I know when the funnel is running low?

  • 6

    How do I retain my clients?

    • Client retention and loyalty strategies

    • What is my follow-up strategy?

  • 7

    Ready, Set, Go

    • What do I need to implement?

    • What processes need to be updated to support the successful execution of the marketing plan?

    • How will I track and adjust my strategy as the market swings?